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Monday, July 24, 2006

Zuiderdam Olympic and MAICO sail together

On Sunday night, the new R.C.S. Olympic and newly-remodeled Zuiderdam sailed together for the first time at Lake America (northside). While unfortunately the water was really very filthy and led to repeated interferance with the Olympic, it made for some nice pictures and marked the Zuiderdam's 20th voyage!

My wife Maico joined me at the lake!!! Radio controlled boating is a couples hobby! Hehehe.

As you can see in the pictures, Maico took the reins of the Olympic first, then I let her take the Zuiderdam. She thought the Olympic was pretty fast at first, but was blown away when I told her to go full throttle on the Zuiderdam. BAM! ZOOM!

Man, it was humid! Can't wait for the fall when it is actually cool in the a.m..

Anyway, my wife and I will be in Japan for 2 weeks from Wednsday, so until I get back, please enjoy these images from Sunday's sailing!

Barrett Hochhaus

Sunday, July 23, 2006


This morning, the R.C.S. ZUIDERDAM emerged from her massive reconstruction and sailed her (3rd) Builder's Trials on Chapparral Lake in Scottsdale.

The voyage, beginning around 6:00am, was very smooth and no major problems emerged. My favorite part was the speed trial, when I ran her in several passes at full speed. Far from getting swamped with water, she actually hydroplaned and the bow LEFT THE WATER! It was an amusing sight, but not at all dangerous. I do not plan to "fix" it.

This was the 19th voyage for the Zuiderdam, and thankfully, there will be many more!

Barrett Hochhaus

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Beginning last weekend, the R.C.S. ZUIDERDAM entered a daunting period of reconstruction aimed at improving the overall appearance of the ship.

Ever since her launching in October of 2005, there have been nagging doubts about the scale and accuracy of the Zuiderdam's superstructure.

Experienced eyes may notice that the R.C.S. Zuiderdam is far too short for her height, or too tall for her length. For some time, I have known that this problem can only be corrected by cutting down the hull and totally rebuilding the superstructure. The top deck with swimming pools, funnels, etc. will remain with the new superstructure, as will the main bridge, and most importantly- the hull, although the hull has now been cut down about 3 inches!

Overall, the new Zuiderdam will be about 6 whole inches lower than the original ship!

The most dangerous part (for the Zuiderdam) was the actual cutting of the fiberglassed hull. Thankfully, that was accomplished successfully. Now, the Zuiderdam is poised to be transformed. Please stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks.

Barrett Hochhaus

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Today at the brisk hour of 7:00am at Dobson Lake in Mesa, the R.C.S. OLYMPIC made her Maiden Voyage.

The Olympic was the sistership of the ill-fated White Star Liners BRITANNIC and TITANIC. In fact, the Olympic is provisioned to be converted into the Titanic with relatively little effort.

It was the first official voyage of the ship which broke the record for fastest Green Sea Ship to be built, delayed by scheduling conflicts. Because of vacations, I was unable to make the first voyage until today.

It was a quiet, serene morning, that was much on the HOT side. By the time I left at 7:30, it must have been about 100 degrees already! Summer opperations may be very light for Green Sea.

It is anticipated that the Olympic may best the RAFFAELLO if the two were to race. That voyage will have to wait until I can get together another skipper for the Raff. As it is today, the Olympic was running on the same batteries that she had had on her trial voyages. Towards the end, the ship was clearly running out of steam, and in no condition to race anyone.

Until the Olympic meets the water once more, please enjoy these pics from todays sailing!

Barrett Hochhaus

Sunday, July 09, 2006


On Thursday evening, July 6, the painting of the hull marked the completion of Green Sea's newest vessle, the R.C.S. OLYMPIC!

The Olympic has been a suprising vessle for me because I had not intended to build ANTHING after the QUEEN MARY until perhaps as late as next summer, when the QUEEN VICTORIA is constructed.

Probably the most remarkable feature of this new vessle is her INTERIOR detail! For the first time in a Green Sea ship, I took the time to detail such inside rooms as the gymnasium, first class staircase, and officer's quarters!

The genesis for the Olympic was a radio-controlled boat forum (, where I felt challenged not only to build a cardboard Olympic-class vessle, but to do it in record (for me) time.

Until the completion of the Olympic, my record for fastest build belonged to the AMOS HATHAWAY, and was 2 weeks. Not only has the record been dramatically reset to 9 DAYS, but I know I can do it even faster!

This brings the total number of active ships in the fleet to 8 now (America, Ecstasy, Zuiderdam, Raffaello, Kaga, Hathaway, Queen Mary, and Olympic).

So here she is, the product of 9 days of furious work and dizzying inspiration. The new OLYMPIC!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006


This morning, July 1st, 2006, the new R.C.S. OLYMPIC returned to the water for her builder's check out and trials. It was an extremely encouraging voyage for me.

The voyage began as the sun was coming up at about 6:30 am at Chapparral Lake in Scottsdale. It was actually very pleasant weather, in contrast to the Motor Trials held last Sunday in 100+ degree-heat. Despite not sleeping at all the previous night, I was very excited to see her out running around.

The only problems seem to be her incomplete detailing, her funnels which seem to be too tall, and her wide turning radius.

Of course, all problems will be resolved fully before the next voyage, but for now, please enjoy these pics from todays trials!

Barrett Hochhaus