Green Sea Shipbuilding Establishment

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hathaway on Builder's Trials

Today, the USS Amos Hathaway began her first Builder's Trials at Scottsdale Pavillions South Lake. It was her first time sailing in daylight. Her previous 3 voyages had been "secret" nighttime events. For this reason, I managed to get some impressive pics of her as you can see!

I am really satisfied with how much she LOOKS like an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer. I was worried that she drew so much water (she was supposed to be a waterline model like all my others), but now I am glad she did. If she drew any less, she would be sitting too high in the water like the Zuiderdam. As is, she looks pretty proportionate to the real thing.

During today's voyage, I noticed a new problem that I will have to deal with before the maiden voyage on March 18. At a standstill, she lists just a little to starboard. However, as she approaches full speed, her list exaggerates greatly! I guess this is because of her motor? Or maybe her hydrodynamics just magnify her balance problem.

During a recent bath tub test, I discovered, regretfully, that she was bow-heavy. Therefore, I had to put extra ballast in her stern, adding to her overall weight. For this reason, I cannot guarentee that she is my fastest boat anymore. That title may still belong to the Zuiderdam. That will be an interesting race..........

Barrett Hochhaus

Friday, February 17, 2006

Kaga and Hathaway near completion!

It's getting to be an exciting time for Green Sea Shipbuilding. 2 new ship projects are nearing completion at the same time!

First to make her maiden voyage will be the Japanese WW2 aircraft carrier "Kaga". At about 60 inches, she is slightly longer than the Raffaello, and will be my largest 1-channel R/C boat.

Following her will the the new destroyer U.S.S. "Amos Hathaway" DDG-50. She is one of my most exciting new ships! She is just as powerful as my "Zuiderdam" and "Ecstasy". However, she is my smallest vessle, at 42 inches! Needless to say, she is the fastest and most powerful vessle I have built! She is ideal for the scale boat obsticle course!

For now, please enjoy these pics of the Kaga and Hathaway!

Sunday, February 05, 2006


On Sunday, February 5, the new "Sovereign of the Seas" made her debut, ending 1 year and 7 months of idle neglect and occaisonal attention.

The Sovereign is based on the cruise ship of the same name from Royal Carribbean Cruise Line.

It was an eerily quiet scene on McCormick Lake, in Scottsdale (her lake of registry)m when I put her in the water. After a brief christening and spreading of confetti across her superstruction, she slipped out into the lake and smooth sailing.

I took her from the east side of the Chart House restaurant around to the south side, and wide open water. She handles wonderfully, and I think she is actually much more stable in the water than the ZUIDERDAM, even though they are almost identical size. It helped matters that there was absolutely no wind! The water was as smooth as glass! As you will see in these pictures, she made several passes at the camera, and I am generally happy with the pictures I got. I did seem to have trouble centering the image though....

Some irritation came from her speed controller, however. I have come to the sad determination that she has a cheap peice of crap speed controller that has to be replaced. I believe due to heating, the speed controller seized up and couldn't do anything for a few seconds, before becoming active again. I tried switching the battery, and resetting the speed controller, but when I brought her in and tested her with the hatch off, I could see the lights begin to flash on the controller when she stopped working. The top of the controller was very hot, and when the lights stopped flashing, she was able to run again. There was never any problem with the rudder control.

When I began to suspect overheating, I ran her only in short spurts (that used to be the rule for me anyway), and I got a lot of time out of her, never running close to full speed.

Nevertheless, the problem cannot be allowed to continue, and she will be getting a new speed controller.

After about 40 minutes of sailing, I felt satisfied, and brought her home, the newest member of the Green Sea fleet!