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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Last Sunday, June 10, was a big day for Green Sea Ships as the scale luxury liners QUEEN ELIZABETH and the flagship QUEEN MARY met for only the 2nd time on the water.

Unlike the February joint sailing, this time there were no technical problems interferring with the voyage and things went smoothly for over half an hour! The voyage couldn't reasonably go much longer due to the heat. It got pretty warm around noon.

My wife Maico commanded the Queen Mary for most of the voyage while I drove the Lizzie. Unfortunately, the Lizzie has sprung a leak which is described as "serious" in the area of her propellor shaft. A considerable amount of water made it into the hull.

Astonishingly, even with all this water in the hull, the hull NEVER became soggy or lost any structural integrity. That special 3-layer bottom of foamcore board is more resiliant than originally anticipated!

The Lizzie is in drydock now for repairs but for the Mary, it was another smooth sailing with no signs of any technical trouble. She is suddenly becoming one of the most reliable boats in the Green Sea Fleet!

Barrett Hochhaus


At 7:00 AM, Anonymous Don Perry said...

Hello again well done.I allways look forward to your next set of pics.I have not done as much sailing as I would like these days busy with other things my wife says is more importantie;cut grass ,paint house , even go to WORK .june is always a busy month but there is later keep sailing


At 7:47 AM, Anonymous ed wilde said...

nice !!! i liked the on the deck shot. and i liked the under the hull pic , i hope that ship wasnt the heavy for your wife to hold like that lol , thanks ed


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