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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Winter has arrived at Dobson Lake

Well, today was what you might call a light traffic day for the Mesa Model Yacht Club at Dobson Lake. Only 4 or 5 people showed up and I felt like my fingers would freeze.

Nevertheless, I got to see Jim's pusher tugboat which I hadn't seen before and a cool water taxi that Bill Webb had.

Today was the 3rd voyage of the Raffaello, and the 15th voyage of the Ecstasy. It was the last voyage of the Ecstasy before she goes in for her first winter overhaul. Her hull will be made more durable against cracking, prolonging her life greatly!

Of course, I'll let you all know about the progress of her overhaul. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures from today!

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sinking, Salvage, and Fun at the MMYC Boat Show!

Sinking, Salvage, and Fun at the MMYC Boat Show!

Today, as promised, the Mesa Model Yacht Club held its big R/C Boat Show. Personally, I was pleased with the turnout and the weather. It was a gorgeous, sunny day with practically no wind early in the morning. Perfect for fragile scale boats!

Things started slowly as everyone filed into the park, but by 10:00, things were in full swing.

This morning featured the very first voyage of the R.C.S. (Radio Controlled Ship) Raffaello, as well as George's beautiful new schooner. The "Raff" was in the water by 10:00am and she glided majestically up and down the lake. I was really pleased with every aspect of her. She is indeed my perfect single-channel boat! Fortunately, her maiden voyage went much better than the Zuiderdam (at least she didn't need a tow from Jerry's sailboat)!

Then I alternated between sailing the Zuiderdam and the Ecstasy. Unfortunately, there was a crack in the Ecstasy's fiberglass that I didn't notice until a fist-sized section of her hull became soggy. Nevertheless, she will be back in service easily. The CD player on the Ecstasy and Zuiderdam made a good impression with the people who had never seen those 2 before.

As I said, George took his show-stealing new wooden schooner out for I believe the first time today. It is a beautiful piece of work and I was really impressed. I love George's boats! I hope you can see in the pictures how beautiful it really is! I consider myself lucky that I was able to have the Zuiderdam in the water with it for many pictures. I have never seen such a beautiful r/c sailboat. It makes me really want to do a sailboat.

Unfortunately, the schooner met with disaster as she took on too much water and SANK on the other side of the lake! I think my heart sank with her as I saw her sails disappear under the surface. FORTUNATELY, George had equipped her with a floating hatch attatched to the hull with wire. This way, he was able to recover her and bring her back!

While I'm on the subject of sunken boats, it was a remarkable day for salvage! Do you all remember the little Moran tug that sank in the post of October 15? Well, there we were today, standing at the edge of the water, when we find this ghostly boat-like image about 3 feet beneath the surface!! There was debate and disbelief, but as the little boat was recovered (to the music of "Raise the Titanic" on my CD-player and speaker), it was indeed the Moran tug that sank nearly 2 months ago! It was a day of bringing boats up from the bottom of Dobson Lake!

It was nice to see three types of r/c boats in the water today! This was the first time I had seen the MMYC electric race boats in action.

I had a great time today, as I hope these pictures will show. Many many people came and looked at my boats and asked questions, and it was a great feeling. I hope we can do it again soon!



The R.C.S. Raffaello made her very first completed voyage today and it was a complete success! Today was the Mesa Model Yacht Association Boat Show, providing a perfect venue to debut her.

The voyage began at about 10:00am after christening with the champaign bubble bottle. She was decked with confetti to make her look festive. It continued for about 15-20 minutes in which she criss-crossed the lake before the other boaters. The pictures above tell the rest of the story.

I am really pleased with her performance and she seems so elegant in the water. I think she is my most graceful boat.

She made her second voyage later in the morning, with her confetti removed and she did just as well. I'm sure the Raffaello has many more voyages ahead and her career will be bright and lengthy! Please look forward to updates and pictures from her future voyages!

Friday, December 02, 2005


On Friday, December 2, 2005, construction was completed on the brand-new R.C.S. (Radio Controlled Ship) Raffaello. Thanks to the help of the Michaelangelo Project website (see Raffaello Link on the Raffaello page) and a set of deck plans I own, she is a very acurate model of the real Raffaello if you consider my Ecstasy and Zuiderdam models.

Tommorrow, the Raffaello is set to begin her maiden voyage at Dobson Lake. Please turn to "Service Pictures" on the Raffaello page for future updates of the Raffaello's career. Enjoy!