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Sunday, July 09, 2006


On Thursday evening, July 6, the painting of the hull marked the completion of Green Sea's newest vessle, the R.C.S. OLYMPIC!

The Olympic has been a suprising vessle for me because I had not intended to build ANTHING after the QUEEN MARY until perhaps as late as next summer, when the QUEEN VICTORIA is constructed.

Probably the most remarkable feature of this new vessle is her INTERIOR detail! For the first time in a Green Sea ship, I took the time to detail such inside rooms as the gymnasium, first class staircase, and officer's quarters!

The genesis for the Olympic was a radio-controlled boat forum (, where I felt challenged not only to build a cardboard Olympic-class vessle, but to do it in record (for me) time.

Until the completion of the Olympic, my record for fastest build belonged to the AMOS HATHAWAY, and was 2 weeks. Not only has the record been dramatically reset to 9 DAYS, but I know I can do it even faster!

This brings the total number of active ships in the fleet to 8 now (America, Ecstasy, Zuiderdam, Raffaello, Kaga, Hathaway, Queen Mary, and Olympic).

So here she is, the product of 9 days of furious work and dizzying inspiration. The new OLYMPIC!!


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