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Saturday, July 28, 2007


On September 9, 2005, the R.C.S. KAMLOOPS sailed on what would become a fateful voyage. It was a very windy late afternoon when the ship set upon Chapparral Lake in Scottsdale. A single-channel ship at the time, she sailed steadily to the south and the end of the lake. Then, fatefully, she turned north to return to her starting point. The ballast had been placed in her hull to defend against a wind on her starboard side. When she turned north, she became vulnerable to the wind, and before long, she CAPSIZED, much like the QUEEN MARY 2.

For nearly 2 years, the event was hidden in secrecy. No mention was made on RCGROUPS.COM, or here on the Green Sea website. In October of 2005, a new and identically-sized hull was constructed and fiberglassed for a NEW KAMLOOPS, but it would sit by for nearly 2 years collecting dust.

Now, I am pleased to report, the KAMLOOPS has returned to service! Several elements of the original KAMLOOPS model (like the pilothouse) were preserved on this new hull.

The NEW KAMLOOPS made her Maiden Voyage on the quiet morning of Sunday July 22, 2006 on Mercado Lake in Scottsdale. It's good to have her back.

Ironically, the real KAMLOOPS was a 250-foot package freighter that sailed Lake Superior from 1924-1927 and was lost in a storm with all hands.

Barrett Hochhaus

Saturday, July 14, 2007


It has been a busy week on the water as both the Mauretania and the BRAND NEW HIKAWA MARU sailed Lake America in Scottsdale on consecutive days.

The new HIKAWA MARU which made her Maiden Voyage on Thursday is the smallest R/C ship I have yet built. Only 36 inches long, she is uniquely maneuverable and can turn in half the length of any other ship of mine. Interestingly, the HIKAWA is powered by the same Radio Shack 24,000 rpm motor as my small 1-channel R/C boats like the RAFFAELLO or TITANIC or AMERICA. HOWEVER, the HIKAWA has an ESC, allowing her to actually STOP and REVERSE (amazing, huh?)!

The HIKAWA MARU is modeled after the real ship, which was a Japanese Pacific ocean liner from 1930 to 1960. She is also a "Nelson" hull, meaning that instead of the cardboard/ fiberglass arrangement, she uses only foamcore board and enamel paint for waterproofing.

The Mauretania made her 3rd voyage on Friday afternoon and was met by very strong wind, but while she got pushed around a bit, she never showed any sign of wanting to capsize! She is an extremely stable boat!

Barrett Hochhaus

Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July fun for ECSTASY and QUEEN VICTORIA

The R.C.S. ECSTASY and QUEEN VICTORIA set sail on July 4th in a spectacular nighttime voyage featuring fireworks in Litchfield, Arizona, west of Phoenix.

It was the most people I have ever seen at a radio controlled boat show! There were easily dozens, perhaps hundreds of people gathered along the water to watch the fireworks, and they got a healthy dose of R/C boats as well.

The ECSTASY was specially configured with red white and blue GLOWSTICKS hanging on string from her sides. It was really cool looking.

I want to thank my friends from the West Valley R/C Mariners club for letting me join them! It was fun and I look forward to next year as well as the Christmas lights sailing!

Barrett Hochhaus