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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Beginning last weekend, the R.C.S. ZUIDERDAM entered a daunting period of reconstruction aimed at improving the overall appearance of the ship.

Ever since her launching in October of 2005, there have been nagging doubts about the scale and accuracy of the Zuiderdam's superstructure.

Experienced eyes may notice that the R.C.S. Zuiderdam is far too short for her height, or too tall for her length. For some time, I have known that this problem can only be corrected by cutting down the hull and totally rebuilding the superstructure. The top deck with swimming pools, funnels, etc. will remain with the new superstructure, as will the main bridge, and most importantly- the hull, although the hull has now been cut down about 3 inches!

Overall, the new Zuiderdam will be about 6 whole inches lower than the original ship!

The most dangerous part (for the Zuiderdam) was the actual cutting of the fiberglassed hull. Thankfully, that was accomplished successfully. Now, the Zuiderdam is poised to be transformed. Please stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks.

Barrett Hochhaus


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