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Monday, July 24, 2006

Zuiderdam Olympic and MAICO sail together

On Sunday night, the new R.C.S. Olympic and newly-remodeled Zuiderdam sailed together for the first time at Lake America (northside). While unfortunately the water was really very filthy and led to repeated interferance with the Olympic, it made for some nice pictures and marked the Zuiderdam's 20th voyage!

My wife Maico joined me at the lake!!! Radio controlled boating is a couples hobby! Hehehe.

As you can see in the pictures, Maico took the reins of the Olympic first, then I let her take the Zuiderdam. She thought the Olympic was pretty fast at first, but was blown away when I told her to go full throttle on the Zuiderdam. BAM! ZOOM!

Man, it was humid! Can't wait for the fall when it is actually cool in the a.m..

Anyway, my wife and I will be in Japan for 2 weeks from Wednsday, so until I get back, please enjoy these images from Sunday's sailing!

Barrett Hochhaus


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