Green Sea Shipbuilding Establishment

Thursday, May 31, 2007


Earlier this year, I was invited to participate in an art show at a local gallery. Among other things, I built a 77-inch (1inch= 10feet) cardboard model of the Cunard ocean liner MAURETANIA of 1939. The model was made of raw cardboard with no fiberglass and was not intended to be radio controlled.

However, I wanted the option of doing an R/C Mauretania if my cardboard one sold at the gallery, so I built ANOTHER hull and prepared it for fiberglassing.

Well, the model ended up not selling, and I found myself with 2 hulls-one complete (but not fiberglassed) and one bare un-fiberglassed hull. I threw away the bare hull, and turned my attention to converting the 'art show' model.

Remember how I used epoxy spray and a foam-core bottom to convert my QUEEN ELIZABETH to R/C even WITHOUT fiberglassing? Well, I did that again for the MAURETANIA, since she was already assembled and it would have been too much trouble to fiberglass her.

Then I simply added a motor mount, prop shaft, rudder and radio/ESC and BAM- a new R/C Cunard ocean liner!

The ship herself probably took a couple of weeks of free time to build and the conversion to R/C took 2-3 nights. She embarks on her builder's trials on Friday night, June 1st. The Maiden Voyage is scheduled for Saturday morning, June 2nd. Wish us luck!

Barrett Hochhaus

Saturday, May 26, 2007


It has been more than 3 months since the flagship of the Green Sea fleet has set sail, but today was a momentous achievement for the R.C.S. QUEEN MARY.

Throughout her 1 year life, the Mary has suffered a variety of technical problems. Since her Maiden Voyage, she has often been plagued with intermittent motor performance. Tehe motor would work fine, then sputter. Some voyages, it didn't sputter, sometimes, I could hardly get her to run and she often had to be rescued.

I attributed these problems to my cheap $40 electronic speed controllers, cause they were cheap and more complex than the motor.

During the joint sailing with the QUEEN ELIZABETH on February 17, the problem became severe and I decided that I would replace the motor, ESC, and if necessary, the radio too.

This week, in preparation for her FIRST BIRTHDAY on May 27th, I decided to tackle the problem. I took the speed controller from the successful AMOS HATHAWAY and plugged it into the MARY. It didn't work!

Then I switched her MOTOR with the Hathaway's motor, and NOW SHE WORKS!

So, in the end, it was a fried motor. Anyway, the Mary sailed very well in a morning voyage today, although she got caught on some fishing line and had to be rescued, but it was not really her fault.

Interestingly, I am building a smaller QUEEN MARY for a friend in New York, and I brought the "mini" Mary to the lake in case the "Mega" Mary got stuck. When she did, I sent out Mini Mary, and it was ironic to see one Queen Mary rescuing another!

Well, that's enough talking. Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Barrett Hochhaus

Saturday, May 12, 2007


As Monty Python would say... "And now for something completely different".

Recently, my creative attention has been devoted to building a R/C QUEEN MARY for a friend of mine, and remodeling the house.

As part of the remodeling, I decided to make a SKYSCRAPER to go around my home computer, so the computer tower would be hidden, and a nice piece of "ergonomic architecture" would stand in its place.

To that end, I have created a facsimilie of the late great "STARDUST" hotel in Las Vegas. For 48 years, the Stardust resort stood at the end of the Vegas strip. It closed its doors in Fall 2006 and was imploded in March 2007. I was one of its guests in the final months. Now the STARDUST stands for as long as I like in my home, illuminating the computer room.

STARDUST is lighted by a combination flourescent light (behind the red tissue), black light, and little night lights illuminating the marquee at the top. It even glows of golden glitter, just like the real thing!

Don't worry, the boats will be back, but for now, I couldn't resist sharing my newest and best home skyscraper with everyone. Enjoy!

Barrett Hochhaus

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Unwelcome changes to blogger result in update delays.

Unfortunately,, having sold its soul to google, has made logging in more difficult for blogspot users, resulting in some delays in updating the website.

On behalf of and, I apologize to those hoping for updates.

Anyway, thought I could share with you guys some nice pics of the last co-opperative voyage of the ECSTASY and QUEEN VICTORIA taken on April 21. It was a breezy morning, but fortunately, both ships returned home safely. Enjoy!