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Saturday, July 15, 2006


Today at the brisk hour of 7:00am at Dobson Lake in Mesa, the R.C.S. OLYMPIC made her Maiden Voyage.

The Olympic was the sistership of the ill-fated White Star Liners BRITANNIC and TITANIC. In fact, the Olympic is provisioned to be converted into the Titanic with relatively little effort.

It was the first official voyage of the ship which broke the record for fastest Green Sea Ship to be built, delayed by scheduling conflicts. Because of vacations, I was unable to make the first voyage until today.

It was a quiet, serene morning, that was much on the HOT side. By the time I left at 7:30, it must have been about 100 degrees already! Summer opperations may be very light for Green Sea.

It is anticipated that the Olympic may best the RAFFAELLO if the two were to race. That voyage will have to wait until I can get together another skipper for the Raff. As it is today, the Olympic was running on the same batteries that she had had on her trial voyages. Towards the end, the ship was clearly running out of steam, and in no condition to race anyone.

Until the Olympic meets the water once more, please enjoy these pics from todays sailing!

Barrett Hochhaus


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