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Saturday, May 26, 2007


It has been more than 3 months since the flagship of the Green Sea fleet has set sail, but today was a momentous achievement for the R.C.S. QUEEN MARY.

Throughout her 1 year life, the Mary has suffered a variety of technical problems. Since her Maiden Voyage, she has often been plagued with intermittent motor performance. Tehe motor would work fine, then sputter. Some voyages, it didn't sputter, sometimes, I could hardly get her to run and she often had to be rescued.

I attributed these problems to my cheap $40 electronic speed controllers, cause they were cheap and more complex than the motor.

During the joint sailing with the QUEEN ELIZABETH on February 17, the problem became severe and I decided that I would replace the motor, ESC, and if necessary, the radio too.

This week, in preparation for her FIRST BIRTHDAY on May 27th, I decided to tackle the problem. I took the speed controller from the successful AMOS HATHAWAY and plugged it into the MARY. It didn't work!

Then I switched her MOTOR with the Hathaway's motor, and NOW SHE WORKS!

So, in the end, it was a fried motor. Anyway, the Mary sailed very well in a morning voyage today, although she got caught on some fishing line and had to be rescued, but it was not really her fault.

Interestingly, I am building a smaller QUEEN MARY for a friend in New York, and I brought the "mini" Mary to the lake in case the "Mega" Mary got stuck. When she did, I sent out Mini Mary, and it was ironic to see one Queen Mary rescuing another!

Well, that's enough talking. Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Barrett Hochhaus


At 3:03 AM, Anonymous Don Perry said...

Technical problems can be a nightmare sometimes I know ,they always seam to show up at the worst times ie you can use the ship many times never have a problem then when you go to show off the ship it decides to fail in some way.good to see you beat the problem


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