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Friday, February 17, 2006

Kaga and Hathaway near completion!

It's getting to be an exciting time for Green Sea Shipbuilding. 2 new ship projects are nearing completion at the same time!

First to make her maiden voyage will be the Japanese WW2 aircraft carrier "Kaga". At about 60 inches, she is slightly longer than the Raffaello, and will be my largest 1-channel R/C boat.

Following her will the the new destroyer U.S.S. "Amos Hathaway" DDG-50. She is one of my most exciting new ships! She is just as powerful as my "Zuiderdam" and "Ecstasy". However, she is my smallest vessle, at 42 inches! Needless to say, she is the fastest and most powerful vessle I have built! She is ideal for the scale boat obsticle course!

For now, please enjoy these pics of the Kaga and Hathaway!


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