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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hathaway on Builder's Trials

Today, the USS Amos Hathaway began her first Builder's Trials at Scottsdale Pavillions South Lake. It was her first time sailing in daylight. Her previous 3 voyages had been "secret" nighttime events. For this reason, I managed to get some impressive pics of her as you can see!

I am really satisfied with how much she LOOKS like an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer. I was worried that she drew so much water (she was supposed to be a waterline model like all my others), but now I am glad she did. If she drew any less, she would be sitting too high in the water like the Zuiderdam. As is, she looks pretty proportionate to the real thing.

During today's voyage, I noticed a new problem that I will have to deal with before the maiden voyage on March 18. At a standstill, she lists just a little to starboard. However, as she approaches full speed, her list exaggerates greatly! I guess this is because of her motor? Or maybe her hydrodynamics just magnify her balance problem.

During a recent bath tub test, I discovered, regretfully, that she was bow-heavy. Therefore, I had to put extra ballast in her stern, adding to her overall weight. For this reason, I cannot guarentee that she is my fastest boat anymore. That title may still belong to the Zuiderdam. That will be an interesting race..........

Barrett Hochhaus


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