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Saturday, February 17, 2007


After 2 months of waiting, and 2 attempts, the R.C.S. QUEEN MARY and R.C.S. QUEEN ELIZABETH sailed TOGETHER on the same water at the same time!

The first attempt, on January 20, was scrubbed due to rain and the second attempt on February 3rd was scrubbed by technical problems.

For the record, the Queen Mary experienced frustrating power problems, perhaps due to another frequency being used on the lake. I switched her radio with the AMERICA and it worked...for a while.

Anyway, it worked long enough to get plenty of pictures and video of the 2 ships sailing together at Dobson Lake.
It was also a special day for my R.C.S. AMERICA. She sailed for the first time with my friend Tom Schaefer's AMERICA. It was cool having 2 versions of the same ship out there together!
The R.C.S. TITANIC made her maiden voyage after conversion from OLYMPIC last month. She made a second voyage later in the morning.
Finally, the R.C.S. RAFFAELLO returned to the water for the first time since September 2006- 5 MONTHS (alot for a Green Sea ship).

Please enjoy these pictures for now. I will try to put a video up on Youtube later tonight. Stay tuned!

Barrett Hochhaus


At 11:40 PM, Anonymous Don Perry said...

I knew you would solve the technical problems LOOKS GOOOOOOOOD
I cannt wait till spring to try my newest builds but right now its till -12c and ice


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