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Saturday, February 24, 2007


Today, Saturday February 24, was the final voyage of the R.C.S. ZUIDERDAM. The ship sailed at McCormick Lake in Scottsdale Arizona with no particular fanfare, but it was a splendid and memorable voyage. I confirmed that the re-fiberglassing of her hull bottom has stopped any leaks to her hull and she is perfectly sound! I threw a couple of extra rechargeable batteries in her aft hull to correct a tendancy to lean forward in the water.
Of the 28 pictures and 1 video I took, all came out in focus and usually quite pretty!

Built in October of 2005, the Zuiderdam has made 30 voyages on 7 different lakes (the most lakes covered by one Green Sea Ship!) including joint voyages with Ecstasy, Queen Mary, Musashi, Raffaello, Olympic, Amos Hathaway and Sovereign of the Seas. I believe she has joint-voyaged with more ships than any of my other ships!

The future of the Zuiderdam is very clear. She is to be converted into the R.M.S. QUEEN VICTORIA this spring where it is hoped she will sail at least another 30 voyages.

Bon Voyage, Zuiderdam. You did great.

Barrett Hochhaus


At 1:09 AM, Anonymous Don Perry said...

Hello these are some really nice shots
but I didn't know the ZUIDERDAM was half SPEEDBOAT picking its bow out of the water Ha Ha.Good show and look forward to next pictures and cann't wait till spring to run friends here tell me I should build a ICE BREAKER maybe thats next years project

At 9:55 PM, Blogger Barrett Hochhaus said...

Yeah, I don't know much about her bloodlines, but I think the Zuiderdam's father was a hydrofoil! Ever since she was reconstructed last summer, the Z has had the ability to lift her bow out of the water at full speed! Kinda funny actually.

At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Don Perry said...

I will be keeping an eye open for the sail


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