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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Zuiderdam gets an overhaul

The R.C.S. ZUIDERDAM was in drydock today for some much-needed re-enforcements of her hull. Specifically, she has had a nagging leak in her aft hull for many months and during her last voyage (an epic marathon), the leak became alarming.

I have chased the leak for a long time, and it seemed to originate in the rudder area, but nothing I did seemed to stop it, so I decided to re-fiberglass the ENTIRE aft bottom of her hull. Then, I poured some bondo onto the area around the rudder and prop shaft sleeves.

If she continues to leak, I will throw up my hands and give up! Just in case, I fiberglassed the area inside her hull as well. The hull overhaul is considered a vital step ahead of the QUEEN VICTORIA conversion.

The Zuiderdam is expected to sail on a checkout voyage as soon as Monday February 12. It will be her 29th voyage.

Barrett Hochhaus


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