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Saturday, January 27, 2007


Today at about 11:00am, the new R.C.S. QUEEN ELIZABETH embarked on her long-awaited MAIDEN VOYAGE! The voyage was held at Mercado Lake in Scottsdale and lasted about 30-45 minutes. I had the pleasure to record the event with my new digital camcorder and some of the video is spectacular!

The voyage began over by the fountain and wrapped up at the dam in gorgeous view of the McDowell Mountains. My friend Nathan helped drive the ship and take pictures as we alternated controlling the ship.

The ship's performance is very fine and smooth. Being a cardboard/foamcore hull not fiberglassed, she is one of the fastest big boats I have.

It wasn't all smooth sailing as I experienced trouble with batteries. They didn't seem to charge well enough last night. At any rate, the Queen Elizabeth is now an active member of the fleet and I am looking forward to many many more voyages!

Barrett Hochhaus


At 1:00 AM, Anonymous Don Perry said...

do you mind if I ask what type of batterys you use (voltage,weight and
size) and what the total weight of
THE QUEEN ELIZABETH .just would like to compare to my boats, ONE more thing
type off motor and run time .THANK YOU
look forward to next SAIL

P.S. if you have not looked at my site
in last week or so I have added pics of some of my on going work

At 4:15 PM, Blogger Barrett Hochhaus said...

Hi Don, yes, I visited your site just this morning. I like the bubbles that follow the mouse around ^_^ The handwork on the VASA is nothing short of spectacular! Are you supposed to click on the pictures in Album 3, or is that their final size?

The batteries I use on my boats are 3000 MaH rechargable batteries. They plug into the ESC and that powers the radio reciever as well. Not sure about the weight of the Lizzie yet, but alot of people have asked, so I better come up with an answer. Battery life depends on things like weight of the boat and how much throttle you use. My boats are all light enough to be carried by one hand. Skimming along the surface (they have no draughts) doesn't usually burn alot of energy, although the Queen Mary is considered a gas (battery) guzzler.

At 2:24 AM, Anonymous Don Perry said...

Hello ,I went to album 3 of my site and checked.I guess thats what I get for doing it the easyway I ddint know untill now thats full size sorry about that will have to look in to that when I have means doing the hold page over again.


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