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Saturday, December 16, 2006


An exciting day for me, the new 8-foot radio-controlled luxury liner R.C.S. QUEEN ELIZABETH met the water for the very first time.

Called 'Hull Trials', the voyage was a test of her watertight integrity and her ability to maintain structural form even after extended time in the water.

The Queen Elizabeth uses 'Nelson Hull' technique to make her seaworthy. That means her bottom is made of foamcore board and her hull is painted with enamel spray, to avoid using fiberglass which is messy, time consuming, and can lead to damage of the superstructure during all that sanding.

Because she spent the first 10 years of her life as a static model on the shelf, the Lizzie is made of cardboard on her sides and decks. The cardboard is covered only in enamel paint as the foamcore bottom does most of the work.

For the voyage today, she was towed by my navy destroyer USS AMOS HATHAWAY. The Queen Elizabeth has no motor or radio yet. This was just a trip around the lake to test her seaworthy-ness, and she PASSED!!

The next step will be to install the running machinery over the next several weeks. The Maiden Voyage is scheduled for sometime in January 2007.

In other news, the surface sub OBIHIRO and ocean liner OLYMPIC made voyages. It was the last voyage of the Olympic before conversion to TITANIC next month.

The BATTLESHIPS NELSON and GRAFF SPEE sailed together and engaged in "tag combat" for the first time. Tag combat is where ships score points by ramming each other, and no sinking is involved (hopefully!).

Barrett Hochhaus


At 12:28 AM, Anonymous modelboatrman2 said...

nice work,I look forward to your postings, seeing that this time of year all I can do is build for next summer and look at sites like your since my pond has a layer of ICE


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