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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


After months of on and off consideration, I have begun conversion of my 8-foot static model QUEEN ELIZABETH into a functioning radio-controlled model!

The Queen Elizabeth was built in 1996, 10 years ago when I was still in high school. As a static cardboard model, she was never intended to be radio-controlled.

After the construction of the QUEEN MARY in spring of 2006, I began seriously wondering if I could convert my Queen Elizabeth into a running ship. At the time, it was thought that fiberglassing her, sanding her and painting would all be too much for her and her superstructure detail, and the idea was dropped.

Then, when the BATTLESHIP NELSON debuted with her foamcore hull, I realized that I could retrofit the "Lizzie" with a foamcore bottom, and repaint her hull with enamel spraypaint.

Currently, the Lizzie is scheduled to make her hull trials this Saturday at Dobson Lake in Mesa Arizona. Hull trials mean that the ship is unpowered and towed behind one of my other R/C boats.

I can't wait to see her out there on the water!!!

Barrett Hochhaus


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