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Thursday, January 25, 2007


Greensea Ships announces that the 30th voyage of the R.C.S. ZUIDERDAM will be her last.

The ship, which began sailing in October 2005 has made 27 voyages on 7 different lakes and will make her last mooring after a combination sailing with the ECSTASY in February.

Following her retirement, the Zuiderdam is scheduled for a major reconstruction (the second of her short life) and she will be renamed


Efforts to make a Queen Victoria date back to 2004 when the Cunard line announced they were building a cruise ship of the Vista-class (same as Zuiderdam) to be named Queen Victoria. When the hull of the "Crown Vic" was transfered to P&O Line before completion and built as the ARCADIA, the QV project fell on the scrap pile.

In 2005, the Vista-class ship was revived and became the R.C.S. ZUIDERDAM. In 2006, when Cunard announced that they were again build a Vista-class QV, I again moved to make my own. You see, the goal is to have an R/C Queen Victoria before the REAL SHIP can ever sail! That way, MY ship can always be older than the real thing.

When plans to build my Victoria at 8 feet (same scale as my Queen Mary) fell through (no room for another 8-footer), I planned to make her the same scale and size as the Zuiderdam. They might have made a good pair out on the water. However, this plan was also soon dropped and the decision was made to convert the ZUIDERDAM into QUEEN VICTORIA.

If all goes well, the new QUEEN VICTORIA should be making her Maiden Voyage later this spring. Stay tuned!

Barrett Hochhaus


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