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Saturday, September 23, 2006


At approximately 9:00am on the morning of Saturday, September 23, 2006, the newest Green Sea Ship, R.C.S. MUSASHI made her trial voyage at Dobson Lake, Mesa.

The voyage followed a night of feverish work and little sleep. There was alot of trouble to get the rudder to work properly. I finally had to steal the rudder from the R.C.S. ZUIDERDAM, but I got what I was after. An opperational Musashi!!!

The voyage lasted more than one hour, making it perhaps the most exhaustive trial voyage of any of my ships to date! In fact, the first battery she sailed with lasted about 1 hour! I can only guess that because of her relatively light weight and low hydrodynamic resistance, her battery life was extended. If so, she is my most effecient ship.

Well, here are the pictures from today's voyage. Please enjoy them and look forward to her completion and Maiden Voyage!

Barrett Hochhaus


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