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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Here comes the MUSASHI!

Greensea Shipbuilding announces construction of the new 8-foot, 3-inch Radio-Controlled Battleship MUSASHI!

The "Moose" as she is known is under construction right now, and will hopefully be completed by October. Her maiden voyage has not yet been scheduled. Work began on August 18, 2006, and is proceeding much faster than her predecessor, the QUEEN MARY. Of course, the Musashi is not going to be as detailed or elaborate as the Mary, but she is looming impressively nonetheless. She is already the widest ship in the Green Sea Fleet, and a close second for overall length.

It is hoped that the Musashi may make her Builder's Trials by next weekend, September 16, 2006. Hopefully, I will have a photo update for the website by then! For more information, please go to

Barrett Hochhaus


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