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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

1 Year of Green Sea Shipbuilding.

It has been 12 months since the joyous day of the Ecstasy's Maiden Voyage. In that time has come a complete metamorphosis for Green Sea Shipbuilding Establishment. 13 months ago, I was still living in the post- Queen Mary 2 era. There were only 2 small single-channel radio controlled ships in the whole fleet, America and Kamloops. While fine vessles, with alot to say, they constituted a far cry from the diverse and very heavy fleet that occupies the lakes today.

Not since I was a boy in high school has there been such a prolific period of creativity for me. I have never been closer to the dream of building any ship I want whenever I want. In fact, after 2006, I may never come as close again.

13 months ago, I did not know about Mesa Model Yacht Club. I had never sailed with other R.C. boaters and I was unknown to the internet, but these are personal milestones, irrelevant to Green Sea itself.

13 months ago, a ship called Ecstasy sailed her first completed voyage on McCormick Lake in Scottsdale on a quiet Sunday morning. In her wake followed a fleet that by rights should take years to assemble. Intermediates like Zuiderdam, and the renovated Sovereign of the Seas. The diminutive destroyer USS Amos Hathaway. The single-channeled Raffaello, Kaga, and Olympic. Last but most notably, Ecstasy was surpassed as my flagship by the massive Queen Mary.

6 new ships have been launched in the 12 months starting September 4 2005. The fleet has combined for at least 95 voyages! Ecstasy herself has just made her landmark 25th voyage, symbolizing a quarter of her minimal expected life span.

Along the way, I have been lucky to capture some of the most beautiful images I have ever photographed. It has been my pleasure to share them with everyone on this website and in forums like

Personally speaking again, it has been also a tremendous pleasure sailing with so many fellow boaters. It makes me look forward very much to the next season at Dobson Lake and beyond.

The 2006-2007 season will see the pace continuing unbroken with launchings of 3 new ships at least 8 feet in length, as well as at least 1 new single-channel ship! There are even more ships on the distant horizon which likely will not make it to the water in the next 12 months.

For Green Sea, the beat goes on...


At 4:43 AM, Anonymous Jeff Churill said...

Hey Barrett. You've come a long way since first meeting you with your Kamloops!! Keep up the good work! Your a unique model build and a insperation to many no doudt!! Great website and great models!!


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