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Sunday, June 25, 2006


Green Sea Shipbuilding Establishment is proud to announce the creation of my newest vessle, the R.C.S. OLYMPIC / TITANIC!

At 59 inches long, she is in the same scale as the wonderful R.C.S. RAFFAELLO. Like the Raffaello, she is single-channeled, and has 2 Radio Shack motors. Like the R.C.S. AMERICA, an effort is being made to make her inner hull appear as an actual engine room, but that's not all!

What will make the Olympic/Titanic better than any vessel in her class is her detail, particularly her INTERIOR detail. Many of her inner rooms, such as the gymnasium, first-class entrance, and officer's quarters will actually be detailed beneath removable decks! Also, her open promanade deck will be detailed!

She is known by 2 names because she will be actually convertable from the Olympic into the Titanic with just a few minutes of minor modifications! She will begin her life as the Olympic, of course. Then, after some time sailing, she will be converted to Titanic, and actually have a SECOND maiden voyage! As if that's not enough she can later be made into the BRITANNIC!

But perhaps the most amazing thing about the Olympic/Titanic is the SPEED of her construction! In only 8-9 hours, over 2 days, she went from absolutely nothing, to sailing her Motor Trials!! She was cut out of cardboard, joined up, fiberglassed, painted, and fitted with her motors and radio in only 8 or 9 hours! If one considers only the amount of time actually spent on her construction, she must be presently outpacing the construction of any of my previous ships!

Please stay tuned in the next couple of weeks as the Olympic speeds towards her Maiden Voyage!

Barrett Hochhaus


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