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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Successful Builder's Trials sends Queen Mary into final stage of construction!

I am very pleased and relieved to report that the R.C.S. Queen Mary has passed the most critical point of her construction- the Builder's Trials!

The final push to pass came on the evening of May 22nd at Lake America (northside) in Scottsdale. What finally did it is that I switched the speed controller with a new (and much cheaper) unit. These are not the best pictures I have taken of her, but what's important is that she passed. Let's hope this is not an illusion.

Also, I tested the CD player/speakers again, and boy does it put the sound out! When I brought her in, I almost felt it was TOO loud!

I am planning another trial voyage, probably Thursday, just to confirm she is ready for Saturday!

In the meantime, I have finished the airvents finally, and she is really looking complete!

Back to work.

Barrett Hochhaus


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