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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Queen Mary limps home from unsuccessful Builder's Trials

The Queen Mary had her builder's trials this morning at McCormick Lake at 7:00am. Initially, everything looked good. But after a couple of minutes, the pesky control problem returned same as it ever was. Frustrated, I grabbed the speed controller from the USS AMOS HATHAWAY and plopped it into the Mary. The problem CONTINUED!

I now no longer believe it is the speed controller. I believe it is the motor. I had previously believed that nothing could go wrong with the motor, but signs seem to point to the motor. As evidence, last night, I ran the motor at full speed out of the water. There was no hesitation in the power of the motor. Now, when it meets the resistance of water, everything gets screwy! The speed controller doesn't care about water or air. The speed controller can't tell if it's in the water. The MOTOR can. Additionally, this problem never occurred on the Hathaway (the ship whose speed controller I swapped.

My next step will be to swap the motor later this week.

On the bright side, this was the first test of the new 4-speaker CD player system, and the sound was GREAT! Much better than previous ships. Also, I got some nice pictures as you see.

Well, back to work.

Barrett Hochhaus


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