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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Queen Mary Builder's Trials set!

With 9 days remaining before the maiden voyage of the new R.C.S. Queen Mary, I am happy to report that the Builder's Trials have been scheduled for this Sunday moring, May 21st!

The trials are to be held at McCormick Lake in Scottsdale. I am hoping to begin the trials no later than dawn, to avioid attracting attention to myself. It is hoped that few people will see the Queen in action before the Maiden Voyage.

This will hopefully also be the first successful test of the speed controller. In the previous 2 motor trials, I found the speed controller to be very irratic. At times, it stopped working more than it worked. With the help of someone at Hobby Bench at P.V. Mall, I think I have programmed the controller, and it is ready to power the Mary for real.

As you can see from the pictures, work is progressing nicely and I am hoping to have all lifeboat davits, the masts, and airvents in place before the trials.

Most notably, the hull will remain white during the trials. This is for two reasons; I want the black paint to be as fresh as possible for the maiden voyage, and also because I want to see what the Mary would have looked like underway with a white hull, as is common for cruise ships these days.

Please look forward to further updates no later than Sunday.

Barrett Hochhaus


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