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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Zuiderdam returns to the water!

In a check-out voyage following some alterations, the R.C.S. Zuiderdam returned triumphantly to the water at McCormick Lake in Scottsdale.

The ship has been out of the water since January 21st, while other construction projects took priority. Now, with the Queen Mary hitting her stride, I took some moments to add a new speed controller (her old speed controller wound up in the Hathaway), red electrical tape to look like hull paint below the waterline, and a new propellor shaft, sleeve and prop.

The new shaft had a suprising effect on the vibrations for which the Zuiderdam is notorius. She was always my noisiest ship, but even though the new shaft is the same, it produces a fraction of the vibration. Just the way I installed it, I guess.

Additionally, it was the first voyage of the Zuiderdam under the Dutch flag.

Anyway, please enjoy these pics from today's cruise!

Barrett Hochhaus


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