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Friday, March 31, 2006

Work continues on Queen Mary

As March draws to a close, work continues at a satisfactory pace on the newest and greatest Green Sea Ship, the QUEEN MARY. As you can see in the pictures, she is now painted in white and I'd like to thank the folks who make KILZ white primer spray for contributing 3 of their cans to the effort.

The bridge and funnels you see in the pictures were taken from the 8-foot Queen Mary model I built in 1994, but they fit the new ship perfectly, so I will clean them up and re-use them! The air vents are not to be used on the new ship. They are just there for looks.

The decks of the ship have been cut out, and the deck planks drawn. The next step for them is to coat them with polyurethane to protect them from water. Work on the promanade deck walls suffered a setback when the black electrical tape I use for windows peeled the paint I used. I will try again with different paint hopefully this weekend.

For now, please enjoy these pics of my masterpiece in the works!

Barrett Hochhaus


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