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Saturday, April 15, 2006


Saturday, April 15 marked the long-awaited return of the Green Sea Flagship to Dobson Lake in Mesa. The Ecstasy had been out of commission from December 17 2005 until last Saturday, April 8. About 4 months. The occasion was her first refit which unfourtunately was delayed by a number of other construction projects. I had hoped to have her back in the water by March 17.

Nevertheless, she is back in service and had a very nice morning on the water. Due to the changes below her waterline (I added a rubber bumper all the way around her hull) she is noticably slower than she was last December. I suppose this cannot be helped, as the rubber is essential to prolonging her life. The rubber will prevent cracks from occurring in her fiberglass and therefore, prevent leaks into her hull. It slows her down, but it is really very important for her to have that.

The Hathaway destroyer was also in the water today, and competed in the scale competition. I was dissappointed in her performance, as she bumped the gates twice. Nevertheless, she was part of the 5-way tie for first place today with 100 points.

The Raffaello returned to the water as well, but with her batteries nearly dead, she could not manage more than a very short cruise. Better luck next time.

Anyway, please enjoy these pics from today's event!



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