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Friday, March 17, 2006

Kaga Completes Builder's Trials!!

The newest Green Sea ship, the R.C.S. KAGA successfully completed her Builder's Trials on the evening of March 17, 2005. Actually, this was the first time that the Kaga even entered the water.
Nevertheless, she did extremely well by my impressions. Kaga is an extremely simple model, but she does have one distinct technical superiority to my other ships; she has an EXTERNAL power switch! This has already proven itself very convenient.

One moment of distress came when the ship grounded on something in the northwest corner of what I call "Kamloops Cove" in Chapparral Lake. In the darkness, she suddenly seemed to stop. This is bad news for a ship with no ability to reverse. However, some moments later, after a twitch or two of the rudder, she came free and proceeded halfway across the lake to her pickup point. She is now considered a commissioned ship, and ready for her maiden voyage, hopefully Saturday morning. Please look forward to tommorrow's update!

Barrett Hochhaus


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