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Saturday, October 29, 2005


The R.C.S. Zuiderdam sailed this morning, overcoming all the problems that plagued her maiden voyage last weekend. No water in the boat, tight motor-prop coupling.

Early this morning, after I dropped my wife off at school where she teaches, I took the Zuiderdam to McCormick Lake, where I intended to sail.

Unfourtunately, it was too windy in much of Scottsdale. So, I drove to Indian School Lake where the wind is usually more tame due to the geography of the lake.

Sure enough, it was within tolerance for the Zuiderdam.

I am happy to say that I have resolved the ballast issue as well. One brick is placed on either side of the hull fore and aft of the ship's center of gravity. I had to push one brick further back because of the CD player (which played Warren Zevon).

I got lots of nice pictures and I hope you enjoy them below!

Barrett Hochhaus


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