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Friday, October 28, 2005

Zuiderdam repaired and ready to sail again

The Zuiderdam has had a leisurely week of licking her wounds and preparing her for a long-term life. Epoxy was added to seal the cracks in her stern and the rudder shaft sleeve was filled with Vasoline to prevent water from coming up into the hull (as with a prop shaft). The rudder shaft sleeve was also removed and reinstalled as far up as I could get it to go, so that its top would be above the waterline. 2 layers of protection against water coming in through the rudder.

Reguarding ballast, the rule for the future will be 2 bricks on their sides, one on each side of the hull. One fore, one aft.

The Zuiderdam should take to the water again Saturday weather permitting. For now, please enjoy this image of the Zuiderdam at night. You can see how her superstructure lights up so well.

Barrett Hochhaus


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